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A curl falls on your forehead. Gently, tightly together, you align yourself, remove yourself by some twists. With exact hip-turning movements you are approaching. A hand of the beautiful lies on your breast, you tear her body against you, her leg wags around your body. You look into the eyes. Her hip turns to and fro while her leg is loosely and yet perfectly correct in time. The violinist puts the bow on the strings; Rain claps against the pull windows. The thick drops roll down. Stop. Get out get in. You're nervous. Close the doors. The Regentropfen flee. Quick, quick, slow. I almost formed myself my feet tapping the bar. The collar of your shirt is frayed, it has already seen better days. The hands are sinking deep in your pockets. With your head down, you are leaning casually

against the compartment wall. It almost seems you're asleep. Looking to the eyes, head to the right, cheeks close together. The monotonous sound of the train tires me too. At that time the jealousy kept me awake. Unfounded. We had nothing in common. You did not even see me. Understandable. A smile flits over my lips, at the thought I would have been at her. A sharp tone passes through the compartment. The brakes squeal. The train enters the station. It is no longer raining, only a few lonely drops make their way across the window. The wheels turn slower, the train comes to a halt. People are pushing for the door, you too. There's been a cigarette between your lips. Quick, quick, slow. I do not know where I take the courage, but I simply say: "Excuse me, may I ask? Would you assist me? My wheelchair fits so badly over the stage.
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Awesome pictures Corky! These are just beautiful. We have looked at some of them and will be back to look at more. So glad you have captured these.
Brian Wendling(non-registered)
I really like the Colorado pictures makes me wish I was there.
jack taves(non-registered)
cousin to gene and elaine griffin
in hutchinson kansas. i live in so. calif.love photography grduatedyri-community school pf photgraphy in june 2012. belong to picture social.com
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